Zhang Lü Capsule Reviews

Zhang Lü Capsule Reviews

Gyongju (2014) – March 13, 2014

A post-Hong film, but more vibes-based and death-haunted than anything Hong had done up to that point ten years ago when it was made. Reminded me as much of Kiohara Yui's Remembering Every Night, released last year, as it did Hong. Zhang Lü remains a Subject for Further Research.

Love and... (2015) – March 14, 2024


A Quiet Dream (2016) – March 14, 2024

Really captures what it’s like to be a regular at a bar, hanging out with a pretty bartender you know you have no shot with. 

I assume. I of course don’t have any personal experience with a situation like that.

Ode to the Goose (2018) – March 19, 2024

Title card halfway through—or is it???

Moon So-ri should be a Binoche/Huppert level international star.

Fukuoka (2019) – March 19, 2024

Dreams, ghosts, memories, bookstores, bars: different words for the same things.

Zhang Lü has obvious surface similarities with Hong Sangsoo, but he feels more like Apichatpong Weerasethakul me.

Yanagawa (2021) – March 20, 2024

Ni Ni sings and dances in this one. 

What’s up with that doll? I thought it was Park So-dam’s.